Preach: 6 Lessons, by Bryan Halferty

In another free (and brief) E-Book, Bryan Halferty helps aspiring preachers with six short insightful lessons with how to hone their craft, practice preaching while being dependent on the spirit and and rooted in scripture.






Habakkuk, a free book, by Bryan Halferty

This is a bit of a crazy experiment, to take
a guy who has been more or less forgotten and write a book about him. But while crazy I also see it as important. As you’ll read on the first page, Habakkuk’s problems are very similar to our problems.

Many find themselves struggling to find hope in life, whether we’re in agony or life just feels boring. That’s why I poured the sweat into writing this
book. Habakkuk’s problem was a sense of hopelessness, a sense of futility. But through prayer he arrives in a different place, a place of vision and victory. It is my prayer that through reading this book you gain vision and you feel victory.