Helping you learn the art of following Jesus.

Some ways we make that happen.

  • Short, Short, Short. We realize you don’t want to read a novel. So, you’ll be able to read all the articles within three minutes.
  • Action-Oriented. We believe following Jesus involves movement. So all of our posts offer something to reflect on, something to pray, or another resource to take you deeper.
  • Free. We don’t have an agenda. There isn’t a hidden marketing plan with The Unitive. It’s just free resources to help you learn the art of following Jesus.

Some things we’re passionate about.

  • Nuanced. You won’t encounter simplistic or flat truths. We want you to think, pray and process, not regurgitate.
  • Grounded.  We’re nuanced but we’re also grounded. The divinity of Christ. The centrality of the cross, the authority of the Bible, the importance of community, the need to live on mission: our feet are firm here.
  • Theological Charity. Too many people engage in theological name calling–it’s tiring. While all of our contributors are evangelical we represent a number of different traditions, theological convictions and passions.
  • Holistic vision. We want to do more than just teach you how to pray better. Following Jesus involves all of your life so discipleship should be about all of life.